Monday, June 8, 2009


Meetings of Poetess Ukatmoy

Recently, the presentation of two poetry book "My Heat is weeping" in English and "Sada Ronda ey Dil Mahiya" in Panjabi by Uktamoy published in India was held in the Conference hall of Navoiy Public Library, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan. It was attended by famous writers, poets, literature scholars and fiction translators. In particular, Professor Qozoqboy Yuldosh, writers Omon Mukhtor, Rahim Otauli, poets Mahmud Yuldosh, Shermurod Subhon, Zulhumor, Scholars Adham Alimbekov, Zuhriddin, translator Amir Fayzulla and the translator of this book from Uzbek into English, English language professor Mamurov participated with their presentations in which they congratulated the poetess with her books, success and expressed their opinions about the poems by Uktamoy. The translation from English into Punjabi was done by artist and poet Swarnjit Savi, who brought poems by an Uzbek poetess home of Indian people. The speakers thanked the translator Swarnjit Savi very much for translation and publication of the book by Uktamoy. They expressed their gratitude to Indian creative community for support and promotion of Uzbek poetry in India. Poet Uktamoy shared her impression of her meetings in India with visual aids, photos denoting some episodes of her Indian meetings and recited some of her poems. The meeting was presided by Abdusalom Umarov, Director of National Library named after Navoiy.

The same meeting took place in the Academic Lyceum of World Languages University, where the poet answered the students questions, recited her poems, students recited poems by Uktamoy in Uzbek in English languages.
At the end of the meeting the students demonstrated their dances and sang songs both in Uzbek and English languages for guests.