Saturday, September 12, 2009

Uktamoy's Poems in HUN punjabi magazine

HUN is one of the most important magazine in Punjabi Literature.In its latest issue
Sept-December 2009, a big issue with 196 pages, touching serious issues ,poets, interviews with writers etc. Spread of 2 beautifully designed pages are given to UKTAMOY and her poems. Swarnjit Savi has written a brief introduction about Uktamoy and her poetry.


  1. The poem is touching, no doubt, but the most exciting thing about the poem, translated in Punjabi is that the words have been chosen from Punjabi background, or the Indian context, for example the word 'Ganga' surely is not used by the bard, but the translater inserted it instead of Humber or Suez or something. The title 'Sada Ronda E-dil Mahia', as the book of the poetry of the said poetess is concerned, it really goes to strike at the chord of the heard, if not the core......

    Three cheers to Uktamoy, Savi and the unknown translater.

    PS - The beauty of the poem lies in its translation, while usually we find transliteration. Isn't it?