Wednesday, August 5, 2009




The fear is seizing me over.
To love you am I mistaken
Having surrendered my flaming heart
To the cunning gaze of your eyes?
You must live for ever, darling.
Or else, my heart would put on fire
Along with your body in the fire.
Does the river Ganga need our ashes so much?
Wouldn’t it be enough that much
We have been burning entirely
In the hell of the love’s fire


The leaves falling before my eyes
Are the tears of the fall’s eyes.
The bare footed years
Would recognize tears.
The banana plantation
Is full of children.
I would see them
In my dreams
As if it were India.


The holiness of love in India is so high.
Wrapping his feelings in a secret gold,
A Shah built a palace for a woman
To honor the love of Mumtozmahal.
Eh, Shah who robbed my peace,
The echo who shadowed on my breast
Due to that love I have fallen in,
I have my Tajmahal in my heart.
For you to come,
A pilgrimage to make
Would be enough.


To possess
The land,
The wealth
Of a country
A warrior
Would do both:
Sacrifice his soul,
Take the souls.
You, the prince
Of an alien country
Are seizing
My thoughts,
My dreams,
My treasure – heart
Guarded by snakes
Lying around it,
And then
All my spirit
And soul
Without battle,
Without worrying,
Without suffering,
This violence started
Would drive me mad
Entirely some day, my lad.

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